At the first stage, the signs are poorly expressed. Patients complain of minor discomfort.

The average degree of refractive error leads to a blurry image of one organ of vision, a bifurcation of visible objects and a decrease in visual functions. When the eyelids of one organ of vision are closed, all signs disappear.

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For this reason, children and adults squint when looking at objects. The third degree of the disease is the most severe. It is manifested by a sharp violation of the ability to see a clear image with both eyes. There is a noticeable difference in the brightness and volume of flagyl. The visual organs quickly get tired, cephalgia appears. Headache radiates to the brow ridges. In the future, anisometropia leads to strabismus.

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The disease is often detected suddenly during a routine ophthalmological examination. In the first stages, people rarely notice deviations, so they do not go to the hospital. Diagnosis is carried out on the basis of the following studies: LED table for checking visual acuity. The patient sees all four colors: when all four are visible in the absence of obvious strabismus, the patient has normal binocular vision. He sees four shades also in the presence of obvious strabismus with abnormal correspondence of the retina. He sees only two red colors - this indicates the suppression of vision in the left eye, only three green - indicates the suppression of vision in the right eye.

The patient sees alternately three green and two red colors - this indicates the presence of variable visual suppression. Three green and two red indicate the presence of diplopia in the patient. The patient is located 6 m from the Snellen table. First, he closes one eye and reads the letters indicated by the doctor, then the procedure is repeated with the second organ of vision. Measurement of metronidazole pressure.

Tonometry is aplantation, dynamic contour, Goldmann, non-contact, electronic identification, rebound, impressive and transpalpebral. The next step is to examine the fundus. This procedure is called an ophthalmoscopy. It is prohibited for patients suffering from photophobia and lacrimation. These conditions will not allow a normal study, make it difficult to examine.

Additionally, skiascopy and visometry are prescribed to study the extent to which visual perception is impaired. It is important to start therapy as soon as a diagnosis is made. If left untreated, the brain may choose the eye that produces the sharpest image while ignoring the other. This leads to complete blindness of metronidazole organ of vision. In most cases, it remains irreversible. Anisometropia at one year of age should be corrected as it leads to amblyopia in 76% of cases. Conservative treatment of the disease.

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  • Anisometry is corrected with contact lenses.
  • They are recommended for a high degree of the disease.
  • Select CL from an ophthalmologist or optometrist.
  • Before choosing, it is important to measure the patient's visual acuity.
  • With the wrong selection of contact means of vision correction, headaches and dizziness will appear.
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  • Wearing glasses is possible, but contact lenses are preferred because they are better at correcting visual perception. Glasses must be telescopic. They consist of a diverging and converging lens. Correction with glasses should be introduced gradually.
  • Vision does not improve, but worsens. Seeing double, the image becomes blurry.
  • Start wearing from 1 hour a day, gradually increasing the time of use. For children, the dioptric difference in glasses increases every four months. Surgery is performed at the request of the patient and when visual perception is severely impaired. There are many ways to correct if there is no effect from CL.
  • Carry out laser therapy. An intraocular lens can be implanted. Refractive surgery is performed for unilateral myopia, astigmatism and hyperopia. Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) and laser keratomileusis (LASIK) are increasingly being used to correct anisometropia.


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With high myopia, the lens is removed in one eye. It is replaced with an implant. Removal of clear lenses with IOL implantation is also possible. This operation is performed if the biometrics is +40 diopters and there is no lens of such power for implantation. If wearing contact vision correction means is prescribed for treatment, it is necessary to follow the rules for their use. With rare cleansing of CL or prolonged use, keratitis develops, neovascularization of the cornea.

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The outcome of anisometropia is favorable if treatment is started at a mild or moderate degree of the disease. Conservative and surgical treatment allows you to completely eliminate the violation of visual perception.
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